KPOP Top 10 May 2011

Posted: May 31, 2011 in Uncategorized

Hey guys.. back for our 5th blog for the kpop songs released in May! May has actually been a pretty epic month for all the released songs. Every song has had quite an important impact on the ‘kpop world’ and we’ve seen the return of Jaebum from 2pm and 2ne1. Not too many new bands have debuted this month but the one’s that have been quite decent.

10.  Boyfriend – Boyfriend 

We know we said that the new bands that have debuted have been quite decent… unfortunately for us this band was quite the opposite. We just had to put this band in here as they have had quite a success in Korea and on youtube. Scoring at least 800,000 views on youtube it’s hard to deny their growing popularity, what might have also increased their popularity are the 2 twins in the band. Unfortunately for us the MV is waay too cheesy and the band name/song name just adds to the lame factor.

9. Miss A – Love Alone

Quite a decent song, not what we wanted for their comeback but it was decent. The MV itself allows fans to see the true band with backstage actions and concert performances. With a cute MV and a decent song it’s really not a suprise that this song hasn’t really hit the high parts of the chart. Hopefull better songs will develop with the band in the future.

8. Park Bom – Don’t Cry

With a fantastic solo single before her actual band’s comeback, it certainly pleased the Blackjack fans. Suprised herself of the actual success of the single, Park Bom done a amazing job of showcasing her own individual talents showing she is more then capable of becoming a soloist. Great song and MV.

7. 2ne1 – Lonely

Hitting nearly 8 million views on youtube this song is obviously a massive hit in the kpop industry. To be honest we absolutely agree with the amount of success it’s having. This slow, quiet yet powerful song has definately got us on their side. The vocal talents of each member is polished to perfection in the MV, many have agreed that Minzy has come out strong in this song and we couldn’t agree more. This song in our opinion is a complete success.

6. Jay Park – Abandoned

Finally after all the troubles of getting Jay Park back up to par, he’s through all his dramas and has now released a song showing us what we really have been missing. Many are comparing him to Taeyang form Big Bang but we are strong believers in the fact that he has his own skill. Finally being able to see him back on all the music shows performing on stage has definately been something special and shows how he has matured in different ways. His vocals may not be as strong as they should be, but his dancing definately is. Great song and great MV!

5. F.t Island – Hello Hello

One of our own’s personal favourite. Completely glad that they are FINALLY back, they have come back with another hit. Making ‘I Hope’ we have always been quiet fans of FT Islands and now this song has made us an even stonger fan. The song has quite a Japenese element to it as it sounds quite ‘rocky’. Perfectly suitable to being an opening for any anime we love the MV and the song itself.

4. Beast – On Rainy Day’s

This song was a suprise hit to all the fans when it won an award from Music bank. Only meant to be their introductory song for their album this song was a huge hit, favoured by some to be better then their main title song ‘Fiction’. This slow, emotional song is sung to absolute perfection. It’s sound is quite similar to ‘Craig David ft Sting’ song but still has a very strong unique twist of their own. 

3. 5Dolls – Like This Or That

For some reason we are extremely obssessed with this song, even though it hasn’t been much of a success with the music shows or an obvious success for anyone else, it’s still pretty addictive. Being from a small entertainment group it’s not likely that this group will be a huge success straightaway but this group will definately be one to look out for. The cheography is adorable like most other girl bamds but have more of a sexy appeal which caught our eyes.

2. Sister – Ma Boy

A sub-group from the successful rookie band Sistar which consists of the two members Bora and Hyorin these girls have certainly kept raised our expectations. Hyorin’s cute rapping even though her english wasn’t up to par paired with Bora’s amazing vocals makes the song even more innocent and amazing! We can tell these two girls could probably make it by themselves making them a deserved number 2!

1. Beast – Fiction

These boys have come so far from being called ‘drop outs’ by antis, this amazing song definately deserves to be number 1! Each member has improved vocally and their unique dance for the chorus makes the song even more epic. Yoseob’s voice is fantastic in this song and makes the song even more powerful lyrically. With such a unique storyline the MV is beautiful and we are extremely happy B2st are finally getting recongnized for their talents. Well done for reaching number 1!

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  1. JC says:

    I love you KPop Top 10 lists.
    Keep up the good work!

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